Our Story

Shasta Ventures is a leading early-stage venture capital company partnering with bold creative entrepreneurs who are passionate about building epic products that change the way we work. Founded in 2004, Shasta Ventures has more than $1B under management investing in smart software for the enterprise.

Our Expertise

We invest early, typically seed and series A, reserving follow-on capital for future rounds of financing to grow with the companies we back. We are highly selective, averaging only 8-10 investments per year, allowing our team to focus on helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses.


Early Stage



Our Geography

Epic products can be built anywhere. As Shasta, our priority is US-based companies. We believe it’s important to get together with entrepreneurs, meet their teams, see where they work, how they work and how we can support them. We are constantly and willingly hopping on planes to make that happen. It’s the least that we can do.

Our GTM Trek

As early-stage investors, we focus on helping founders work through the trials of finding product-market fit. Most entrepreneurs we partner with iterate to build a product or service that enables them to grow their businesses at scale. After 15 years of working with companies like Anaplan, Apptio, Glint, Skycure, Steelbrick, Zenprise and Zuora, among many others, we know how hard this can be.

“When entrepreneurs come to us with an early product that has some customers, the most important role we can play in their journey is helping them figure out, along the way, how to best develop, execute and fund their go-to-market strategy and plan. It’s not easy,” said Jason Pressman, Managing Director.

In fact, it’s a momentous challenge that we call the GTM Trek. While there are common trail markers and obstacles that every startup encounters, each trek is unique. Founders need guidance and advice on how to address the specific issues they’re facing. That’s what we do. We help entrepreneurs build companies. We have the experience. It’s our passion.

Our Focus

We invest in Smart Software for the enterprise is B2B software that uses unique sources of internal and external data to deliver business outcomes through data-driven insights. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the availability of cloud service providers, it’s easier than ever to create Smart Software. With Smart Software for the enterprise, insights are delivered in relevant context powering users to more efficiently complete a desired task or action. Insights take the form of recommendations, estimates, and suggested next actions. Smart Software creates opportunities across lines of business applications – from marketing and sales to cybersecurity, IT/System Management, and industry-specific software such as manufacturing and financial services. Smart Software changes the way we work – for the better.

About Our Logo

Shasta Ventures partnered with the venerable Michael Schwab Studio to design our iconic logo. “My task, as I see it, is to create a memorable graphic icon that evokes the unique history, attitude and strength of Shasta Ventures. The design should be immediately alluring – bold and intriguing. We’re working with a perfect metaphor for this company: A Mountain – illustrating a quest for greatness. Reaching the peak. The summit. I had various inspirations: Climbing expedition patches, National Park posters, Japanese woodcuts, Ski Patrol badges – heroic team members, etc. The logo needs to work in various formats – very large as well as very small – easily printed, emailed, texted, ‘grammed, embroidered, branded and tattooed. We want it to be proud, modern and cool – but, at the same time, classic, trusted and stable.”