Builders in VR/AR

Feb 15, 2017

Join us at VR Tuesday #6 to talk to builders about creating great applications, experiences, and businesses in VR & AR. (Yes, this is on a WEDNESDAY, due to Valentine’s Day 🙂 )


Featuring Speakers:

Amy Peck, Founder, EndeavorVR

Amy Peck is the founder of EndeavorVR, a VR/AR strategy & consulting firm. Amy’s passion for VR began at Leap Motion where she launched the Enterprise division working with clients across every major vertical including industrial, healthcare and retail/hospitality. She helped these clients design relevant solutions, often pairing them with talented developers to bring these solutions to fruition. It became clear that there was a need to help foster VR development in the commercial arena.

Ixrael Zavalza, Sound Engineer at G’Audio

Ixrael is a passionate audio fanatic with knowledge and interests in anything related to sound. He recently earned his Bachelor’s Degree from San Francisco State University where he also worked as an audio-visual technician, held an internship at a recording studio, and worked as a production assistant. After graduation, he landed an internship with the Audio Visual Technologies Department at THX Ltd. Once his internship was finalized, he moved to Los Angeles where he now works as a Sound Engineer for G’Audio Lab helping to develop and test realistic audio solutions for virtual reality.

Rika Nakazawa, Human Centered Design expert

Rika, a technology industry veteran and adviser to ventures in the AR/VR/MR ecosystem, will spotlight the role of Human Centered Design in crafting augmented and virtual reality experiences. From helping to treat burn victims, at frog Design (, to re-inventing the way we learn history with Gravity Jack’s ( PointedextAR platform – Rika will share stories of where mixed reality technology unlocks a new dimension of design considerations for where physical, digital and human intersect



6:30 pm Doors Open & Networking
7:00 pm Speakers (20 minutes ea, 10 min talk + 10 min Q&A)
8:00 pm Open Networking
9:00 pm Close


VR Tuesday is a regular monthly meet up focused on the business side of the Virtual Reality and Augmented reality industries. REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETED ON EVENTBRITE.

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What is VR Tuesday?

VR Tuesday is a monthly community event that focuses on the business of Digital Reality, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality. The focus is to bring together experience creators, monetization (brands/advertisers) & venture capital.