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We believe the difference between a good company and a great one depends on how well
you execute on marketing and sales. As Phil Knight of Nike says, “It’s hard enough to invent and manufacture a product but then the mechanics of getting it to the people who want it – this is how ulcers are born.” Let us help.

How do you build awareness for your product/ service while you are still in stealth?

Unless you are a celebrity founder or have raised a bunch of capital, it can be difficult to build awareness before your product launches. With so many start-ups trying to be the next big thing, it’s hard to be heard over the noise. That said, there certainly are some tactics you can employ. First, tease interest by sharing at least the target market and strategic approach of your product. It [...]

Answered by: Mike Trigg, Advisor

When do you start charging customers?

I personally wrote this stupid thing on our website that said, "At Marketo, your success doesn't have a price." It was there on the website for a number of years and I was so proud of that we didn't charge for services because we were so customer-centric and we're just going to help our customers be successful. Boy, that's a mistake. Then, sales started to evade the topic. We had a hard product [...]

Answered by: Phil Fernandez, Founding CEO, Marketo

What’s your view of the freemium model?

I think the Valley is particularly enamored with the freemium, free trial, low friction business model. There was a healthy Board debate at Zuora many years ago where we talked about is there some easy button or quicker insertion point for billing? Ultimately it relates to departmental buying and if it's multi-departmental, you need to look at the product characteristics. If you have a product tha [...]

Answered by: Jason Pressman, Managing Director


LeanData recently unveiled a major rebrand, in what is one of the best examples of rebranding I’ve ever seen. Over the past six-and-a-half years, the company has evolved from an idea to a service to a product to a sophisticated platform. This rebrand perfectly reflects how far LeanData has come, where it is today, and where it is going... See the full post here >> [...]

Answered by: Ravi Mohan, Partner

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