The Right Team

It takes an exceptional team – one with the instinct, drive, grit, and obsession – to build a life-changing product and bring it to market. It’s their unique perspective on how to solve a problem that makes the difference. But as a company grows, so must the team. How do you keep building and motivating the right team all along the journey? Find out more below.

What makes a passionate team?

The core of an amazing company is a breakthrough product. At Shasta, we aim to help great entrepreneurs build iconic companies around epic products. But, ultimately, it takes an exceptional team – one with the instinct, drive, grit and the obsession – to build a life-changing product and bring it to market. We refer to them as Passionate Teams. It’s not enough to look at the product alone. [...]

Answered by: Doug Pepper, Managing Director

When do you hire a senior HR executive?

If I started another company, the second thing I would do is hire a Chief People Officer. The title Chief People Officer doesn't exist anywhere, but I kept writing CPO and everybody thought it was Chief Product Officer so I wrote it out that way. This is an incredibly important role in the modern startup. I outsourced HR for a number of years. We got payroll done100% of the time and we managed to [...]

Answered by: Phil Fernandez, Founding CEO, Marketo

How do you manage someone off your team as you scale?

This is a place where board and investors can be really helpful to a company as it scales. Because irrespective of whether the founders or the original team is selling or not upfront, what board and investors can do is help a CEO see when someone is actually leveling out. The person who may be the extraordinary person to do the first million or couple million dollars of sales probably is not the r [...]

Answered by: Jason Pressman, Managing Director

Why Did You Stop Hiring Engineers After a MVP?

With our series A round of $3M, we had to get our MVP (minimum viable product) built on a shoestring. Once we had it, it was then all hands on deck to build out our product and have the ability to hire sales reps and take advantage of this great market position that my co-founder Jon had created for us. So we really had to slow down on product for a period of time and focus on selling it. The hard [...]

Answered by: Phil Fernandez, Strategic Partner

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