Welcoming Nikhil Basu Trivedi as Shasta’s Newest Managing Director

Posted October 17, 2018 by Shasta Ventures


Please join us in congratulating Nikhil Basu Trivedi who today becomes Shasta Ventures’ newest Managing Director. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

As anyone close to Shasta knows, we’ve intently focused on consumer investing since our inception, and feel privileged to work with several category-defining consumer companies from the earliest stages. These include Nest, Nextdoor, Dollar Shave Club, Canva, Smule, and Turo. Nikhil’s expertise in consumer subscriptions, marketplaces, consumer finance, and consumer health has been instrumental in guiding Shasta into a new era of consumer investing. It’s a skillset our partner Tod Francis noticed in 2011 when he met Nikhil at Princeton University and started what became a year-long recruiting process.

During college, Nikhil had worked on several consumer internet businesses including Artsy, an online marketplace for fine art, but after graduating, he decided to pursue his passion for investing at Insight Venture Partners. We continued to spend time with Nikhil – realizing he was ideally suited to early-stage investing– and asked him to join our team as an associate in the summer of 2012. We told him to take his time to figure out if it was the right move and fortunately for us, it was.

Today, Nikhil represents Shasta as a director on the boards of three companies: Tally, a consumer finance app that helps people overcome credit card debt; The Farmer’s Dog, the leading direct-to-consumer fresh pet food subscription business; and The Pill Club, which is reinventing the birth control experience from prescription to delivery. Nikhil led our investments in and serves as a board observer at Frame.io, Grin Scooters, and Imperfect Produce. Nikhil also led our fintech investments in Cover, FlyHomes, and Second Measure. An emerging area of interest for Nikhil is consumer health – particularly the intersection of biology and healthcare – and consequently he led our investments in Athelas, Color Genomics, and RDMD. A few additional seed investments for Nikhil include Atrium LTS, Kapwing, and Let’s Do This.

Throughout his career, Nikhil has built solid relationships across the startup ecosystem and a strong brand to help him source investments. He was named to the  Forbes 30 Under 30 when he was 25 and this past year was recognized as a Rising Star by the NVCA. Nikhil is analytical, knowledgeable and relentless at evaluating early-stage investments, new-to-market products and business models from all different angles. He’s excelled at identifying and winning opportunities across sectors. And once he supports a company, he works tirelessly to help make it successful.

At Shasta, we believe in growing and mentoring talent from within. Nikhil is a fantastic example of how we nurture next-generation investors and help them build a career and a name for themselves.

During this past year, Nikhil paid it forward by leading the hiring process for new members of our investment team.

In his six years at Shasta, what stands out the most about Nikhil is how well known, respected and genuinely liked he is by everyone he meets. Entrepreneurs, employees, other investors, his colleagues at Shasta – all speak in glowing terms about Nikhil, his empathy and strength of character. One of our entrepreneurs said it best.

Sam Chaudhary, co-founder and CEO at ClassDojo, explained: “Every so often, you come across a 10X investor. They’re your first call when you need help. They deliver results (including hires). And, you come to deeply trust their advice. Nikhil is that investor for us.”

Please join me in congratulating Nikhil! You can follow him on Twitter (@nbt) and learn more about him here: https://shastaventures.com/team/nikhil-basu-trivedi/.