Unavering Partnership

We view ourselves as service providers to the entrepreneur. We endeavor to support and challenge the amazing entrepreneurs we back but do so in a respectful manner. We take a long-term view and are aggressive, but patient. We are there for you. It’s what we call unwavering partnership.

Jason Pressman

Ravi Mohan

Nitin Chopra

Jacob Mullins

Ravi really wants to be helpful. He immerses himself in our world. I’ve just always appreciated his approach. It truly feels like he’s part of the team, not just a member of the board. It’s been such a refreshing change from the typical VC.

– Lyle Fong, Founding CEO, Lithium

Issac Roth

Rob Coneybeer

Tod Francis

Avery Cannon

Jayaram Bhat

Catherine Norman

Kenn So

Austin Grose

Simon Chan

Michael Lock

Izak Mutlu

Balaji Yelamanchili

Phil Fernandez

Mike Trigg

Brent Tworetzky

Nikhil Basu Trivedi

Drew Harman

Rachel Star