October 10, 2020

Island Time

September 18, 2020

Move over T2D3, Covid has brought us C170R

June 19, 2020

How the economic downturn is affecting enterprise IT spending with Shasta’s Ravi Mohan and Apptio Founder and CEO Sunny Gupta

May 27, 2020

Shasta SaaS Operating Model


October 12, 2020

TechCrunch: How startups should budget in uncertain times

I was thearchetypal startup CEO: I paused my degree at Stanford to start a company, and after it failed I found myself needing to preserve cash to make student loan payments.

October 6, 2020

Customer training startup Skilljar just raised $33 million in fresh funding

September 23, 2020

Meet Bindiya Vakil, Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s First Supply Chain Woman of the Year

“Women can be self-deprecating at times,” says Bindiya Vakil, CEO and founder of Resilinc

September 19, 2020

TechCrunch: There’s a new VC metric in town for startups to follow.

There’s a new VC metric in town for startups to follow



March 27, 2020

Managing Your Startup In Uncertain Times – Virtual Town Hall

January 21, 2020

GTM Trek Campfire – Engineering and Product Leads

July 18, 2019

Das Tegernsee, September 18 – 20, Invite only

March 4, 2019

Shasta | SPJ GTM Pre-RSA Fireside