Shasta Ignite helps our companies accelerate growth by applying best practices in sales, marketing, and customer success.

Igniting growth at early-stage startups is vital. That’s why we’ve created a specific platform to accelerate our founders’ quest to acquire, grow and retain customers.

The platform includes a dozen industry expert mentors and teachers, content modules, events and workshops. Shasta Ignite is designed to help Early Stage Enterprise founders ignite growth for their company by providing practical “how-to” advice that is customized to their specific company.

Shasta Ignite advisors can provide a wide variety of “how to” help that includes:

  • Tightly defining your target markets and buyer personas
  • Sharpening and differentiating your company positioning
  • Designing world-class demand generation programs
  • Optimizing product pricing and packaging
  • Assisting in hiring your sales, marketing, and customer success teams
  • Defining your sales model and process
  • Developing your customer success program

Four Essential Elements

Shasta Ignite Is Uniquely Capable Of Sparking Rapid Customer Acquisition And Revenue Growth

The Shasta Ignite platform is uniquely capable of helping early revenue companies grow rapidly. It is a formal comprehensive program that walks founders through a series of practical “how-to” steps to ignite growth. Shasta Ignite primarily focuses on applying best practices in sales, marketing and customer success to help companies rapidly acquire, grow and retain customers.

Customer References

Shasta Ignite Workshops

Shasta has assembled a set of best practices focused specifically on early-revenue startups in the Enterprise space to help founders rapidly acquire, grow, and retain customers. The workshops are designed to build actionable plans that founders can implement quickly. The workshops are led by executives who have “walked a mile” in entrepreneurs’ shoes and understand the unique difficulties in building companies from an early stage.

There are currently 16 workshops with 12 focused on Excellence in Customer Acquisition and Retention. These workshops contain more than 50 ready to use templates that make it easy for companies to apply best practices.

Defining Target Markets and Buyer Personas
Develop Differentiated Positioning
Creating World Class Demand Generation Programs
Pricing and Packaging Design
Hiring the Marketing Team
Selecting the Optimal Sales Model and Motion
Defining Your Sales Process
Sales Management Best Practices
Hiring the Sales Team
Defining Your Customer Success Process
Creating Customer Champions
Creating Ecosystems Through Business Development Relationships
Creating an Agile Product Roadmap
Using OKRs to Drive Focus and Accountability
Next Fundraising Round Fundamentals
Key Meetings for Early Revenue Startups

Functional Executive Networking and Mentorship

Shasta recognizes that building an early-revenue company means supporting more than founders and CEOs. Functional executives need help too. In the early-revenue stage, many of these executives are building and scaling their first organizations, so helping them execute can become a critical piece of startup success. Shasta Ignite provides these executives with the support they need, including actionable blueprints, and relevant mentorship. We also hold annual forums allowing these leaders to meet and build communities with other leaders in similar positions.

Functional Leadership Events

Shasta Networking


Shasta 2020 Event Schedule

  • January 21, 2020

    VPs of Engineering and Product

  • April 2020

    VPs of Sales and CROs

  • May 2020


  • July 2020

    VP of Marketing and CMOs

  • September 2020

    VPs of Customer Success

  • October 2020

    VP of Alliances and Business Development

  • November 2020

    VPs of Finance and CFOs

Ignite Q & A Forum

Ask us your most pressing startup questions! Get personalized entrepreneurial advice from Team Shasta (including our portfolio execs).

Launch Assistance

Announcing your funding with Shasta is an important event for all prospective stakeholders in your company. All stakeholders including customers, prospects, employees, and partners want to hear about the partnership. We recognize that the funding announcements and subsequent product launches are pivotal moments in a startup company’s evolution. We also realize that early stage companies often lack the resources and contacts to make a major splash in a crowded tech world.

Shasta Ignite has a team ready to help you leverage company funding and subsequent product launch announcements

Positioning Help

We realize that the funding announcement is an important chance to reinforce or reshape the company and product positioning. Shasta Ignite Advisors can help you most effectively position your company and products for the future.

Press Releases

Our experienced staff can write press releases and create materials that will best tell your story to stakeholders.

Media outreach

Shasta has experienced PR staff that can communicate your message and help get placement in leading tech and business publications.