Product Development

We live in a product first world. Compelling products satisfy users’ needs, show value to buyers and ideally, delight in all cases. When you know how customers engage with your product, you can improve the user experience and create lasting magical and beneficial connections. See below for insights.

What's an epic product?

An epic product is truly life changing – something that when the user experiences it for the first time, they start to feel a very positive emotional connection. Those products are the same way you think about an epic ski day, or an epic race day, or the way you think about an epic athletic day. They are the products that you really remember. The ones you feel great about. View full blog for [...]

Answered by: Rob Coneybeer, Managing Director

How do you go after 3 customer use cases from the start?

When I first learned about Anaplan six years ago, I was excited by the founders’ bold vision for a global connected planning platform, but I wondered how they would take their solution to market. They said, “Look, we can model anything” and my response was, “That’s great, but who do you sell that to?” Generally, application software product-market fit is about focusing on a specific us [...]

Answered by: Ravi Mohan, Managing Director

How do you keep your product current?

I'm a tech guy, I'm a product guy at heart I have never seen anything like this. The pace at which technology is moving and the competitive advantage that that new tech is providing over old tech has never been this way in the last 35 years. And I have been through the days of PCs. started as a mainframe assembly language programmer, so I've seen a few tech cycles over the years. At Marketo, we j [...]

Answered by: Phil Fernandez, Co-Founder, Marketo

How can you learn from early product failures?

Rob Coneybeer discusses the timeline of Eye-fi and Nest, their successes, failures and ultimately why Nest was successful and Eye-fi was not.   [...]

Answered by: Rob Coneybeer, Managing Director

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