How do you go after 3 customer use cases from the start?

Answered by: Ravi Mohan, Managing Director

Category: Product Development

When I first learned about Anaplan six years ago, I was excited by the founders’ bold vision for a global connected planning platform, but I wondered how they would take their solution to market. They said, “Look, we can model anything” and my response was, “That’s great, but who do you sell that to?” Generally, application software product-market fit is about focusing on a specific use case and specific buyer, not going after the entire world. At the time, Anaplan had 10 customers and was projecting $300,000 in revenue.

But Anaplan is unlike any company I’ve ever seen. Its single technology powers multiple use cases that help companies respond in an agile manner to changes in business conditions—across departments, across industries, across geos. Last year, the company generated $125 million in revenue a year.

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