How do you manage someone off your team as you scale?

Answered by: Jason Pressman, Managing Director

Category: Passionate Teams

This is a place where board and investors can be really helpful to a company as it scales. Because irrespective of whether the founders or the original team is selling or not upfront, what board and investors can do is help a CEO see when someone is actually leveling out. The person who may be the extraordinary person to do the first million or couple million dollars of sales probably is not the right person to take the company to $20M in sales. And there’s probably a different person than the executive who has the skills to run the company from $20 -100 million or $100 to $300 million. Because it’s just a different skill set to run hundreds of people across multi-departments and multi-regions. It’s a different level of organization. And that’s true in every functional area. I think really helping think through and bring the pattern recognition that you have as a board member or an investor can really help CEOs see that. Because a lot of times, it’s hard to move people out of an organization when they’re not really right for the next level.