How do you prepare to meet customer demand as you move from beta to launch?

Answered by: Mike Trigg, Advisor

Category: Marketing and Sales

The key to making any business scale is to have repeatability in your business model. Nothing kills your momentum faster than if every single customer you sign up needs a slightly different variant or customized version of your product. While it can be tempting to go after anything that moves in the early stages, it’s important to remain disciplined about who your ideal customer is and how your product solves their need.

If you can establish that repeatability in your business model, it makes everything in your business easier – your marketing and demand gen is easier because you know whom you’re targeting, your sales cycles are easier because you understand the customer pain points and buying process, your customer support process is easier because you know how to deliver product that solves your customer need, and, importantly, your product management and engineering priorities are clear because you’re not busy building one-off features for customers.

If you can establish repeatability, it will enable you to scale your business with a much smaller team and with less capital investment.