How do you show the business value of professional services?

Answered by: , CEO, Zuora

Category: Marketing and Sales

The customer is not going to renew on an ongoing basis unless they're successful. Probably every SAS company has faced down a customer success in adoption - it's a renewal challenge which is why we believe the subscription business model is going to take hold because once you go through that it does make you a much stronger company and it makes that relationship stronger.

One of the big things we faced was how do we build a professional services team that can actually take our technology and make it successful with customers but we also wanted to build a bi-directional bridge to learn from the issues set of customers and follow that learning all the way back in engineering in a very tight cycle.

We weren't in an environment we could say look we know how to build a perfect product, launch it out there and everything's gonna work fine right.

We had to build a system that allowed us to learn while we went along. But you have to balance that because you can't over promise the customer and then find out that your product actually doesn't meet your use cases either...That's not going to create customer success. So learning how to build the company block by block. That's why I say it's not just about technology but it's about the whole thing that you have to wrap around your product to make it successful.