How will remote work impact my team’s dynamics?

Answered by: , Senior Associate

Category: Passionate Teams

As remote work continues to become more common, we’ll see a number of changes:

  • Your “team” will look more like a tribe. It could include strangers, a cohort that meets periodically, or the actual people employed by your company. Regardless of who these people are, your “team” will be your accountability partners, un-blockers, and social community.
  • Technology will take the work out of collaboration and communication. Meeting notes will automatically be transcribed and decisions automatically documented. Physical interactions like huddling around a co-workers computer will be brought into the digital world.
  • The workplace will become more transparent, not less. Workers will know what projects their co-workers are working on at any given time and how this maps to company priorities. They’ll know whether it’s a good time to chat in real-time versus disrupting high-focus time like coding.
  • People will move to remote cities, countering urban crowding. Americans are flocking to U.S.’s most popular cities where there are more jobs and higher wages. As remote work becomes more common, people will move to locations where they enjoy the region’s activities and quality of life.

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