Is there a one-size fits all go-to-market strategy?

Answered by: Jason Pressman, Managing Director

Category: Marketing and Sales

Like all things in the tech industry, there are certain go-to-market strategies that become trendy. Silicon Valley remains particularly enamored of the freemium, free trial, low-friction model at the moment, but a go-to-market strategy is not one-size-fits-all. Refining your business model requires understanding individual buying behavior. A model that works for Dropbox and Slack may not work for your company, so you have to tune into how people are buying the product out in the real world.

Sometimes, the best go-to-market strategy emerges by surprise or by accident. WebEx gained traction through sales reps, who were using WebEx during sales pitches. Customers would see the technology and decide they also wanted to use it for their own sales pitches, which would lead other sales reps to see it, and so on. WebEx decided to roll with that low friction, low-cost monthly payment model and grew organically from there. Then looking through the data, WebEx realized that some companies had 15 different people using the product on separate accounts, so they contacted IT and inquired about consolidating into an enterprise account. The company built on what was actually happening in the market and it was very effective.