What makes a passionate team?

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The core of an amazing company is a breakthrough product. At Shasta, we aim to help great entrepreneurs build iconic companies around epic products. But, ultimately, it takes an exceptional team – one with the instinct, drive, grit and the obsession – to build a life-changing product and bring it to market. We refer to them as Passionate Teams.

It’s not enough to look at the product alone. In fact, when I invested in Marketo, they didn’t even have a product. It was the references to the team that confirmed they were extraordinary product builders. It gave me the confidence to know that they would build a marketing-leading product. And they did.

We believe that Passionate Teams are behind Epic Products. It’s the team and their unique perspective on how to solve a problem that makes the difference. It’s about the way the team thinks about that problem and their ideas around the product to solve that problem. It’s the energy, enthusiasm and dogged perseverance they bring to solving that problem. It’s passion.

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