What should entreprenuers ask potential investors?

Answered by: Jason Pressman, Managing Director

Category: Partnership & Fundraising

When you have an investor, you can call the (investor’s) CEOs and talk to them and understand what that individual board member is going to bring. Different people bring different sets of skills to the table. Our perspective at Shasta is one - and it's not the only one - but it's very entrepreneur-friendly, an entrepreneur-centric approach which doesn't mean we won't challenge you but it means we're not going to be jerks about it. We try very hard to be respectful. What are the other things we bring? We try to bring in – and what an early stage entrepreneur should look for - is someone who can bring strategic thought partnership. So when you're facing really big challenges, is this person going to be able to really help you think through strategically how to face that challenge and what are the different options? There oftentimes are multiple right answers to a question but you have to pick one and execute against it. So someone who can help you think through those things- someone who can help recruit, someone who can help with financing, help make introductions and help think about the financing strategy and someone who can help you think through scaling a company through multiple stages particularly because when you take on a board member you're typically taking that person on for a very long time. I've been on Tien’s board for over a decade since the company had a small handful of customers.