What was Zuora’s first pitch to investors?

Answered by: Jason Pressman, Managing Director

Category: Partnership & Fundraising

Most entrepreneurs pitch VCs, but I think Tien's background was interrogation. The company at the time was located in Redwood Shores and I met Tien at a hotel. We went in and sat down and before I could even get the words out of my mouth, "I'm Jason," he said, "So why should I work with you?" And it proceeded to get a lot more aggressive from there. But it was really remarkable. A strength of Tien's is how he likes to turn things around. It put me on my heels but I came out of it feeling, "Wow, this guy is really driven". He is a force of nature. He asked really thoughtful questions. I did OK because he continued talking to me. Back then, he had a lot of choices in that financing and fortunately chose me. What I saw in Tien was a really strong, brilliant entrepreneur who was driven, passionate and for the most part, understood what he was tackling. At the time, one of the things that we identified as a big risk was that he underestimated the complexity of the problem. I think that part of the DNA of Salesforce and Webex and the cofounders of having had a more simple product in the previous generation was one of the things that we would have to overcome. But quick learners learn quickly and adjust. And Tien did.