What’s the best way to connect with a VC?

Answered by: Michael Lock, Advisor

Category: Partnership & Fundraising

First, target the right venture capitalists. Each venture firm has a focus. Target venture capitalists who invest in companies of your stage. If you are looking for seed capital, target seed investors. If you are looking for early revenue investors target those VCs who invest in that space. Also, each venture capital tends to have a focus area and a set of investment thesis. Review a VC’s current portfolio and recent investments. Look to target investors that are a fit for your company and technology.

Secondly, Venture capitalists tend to take meetings with those people that they know or who are referred by someone that they trust. So securing meetings with venture capitalists can take a lot of networking. Use Linkedin to see which of your first-degree network can connect you to a VC’s you are targeting. Network with your fellow founders who can be great sources of introductions. Attend Tech meetups and industry networking events and be active in indicating that you are looking to raise funds.