Why Did You Stop Hiring Engineers After a MVP?

Answered by: Phil Fernandez, Strategic Partner

Category: Passionate Teams

With our series A round of $3M, we had to get our MVP (minimum viable product) built on a shoestring. Once we had it, it was then all hands on deck to build out our product and have the ability to hire sales reps and take advantage of this great market position that my co-founder Jon had created for us. So we really had to slow down on product for a period of time and focus on selling it. The hardest part was not just selling the product but then we had customers and had to do customer support. We had to take care of them, teach them and help them grow. So the ability to make investments in the whole company - look at a 360 view - became important. In some sense at that point, it turned out that we were overweight on our product. We had built a great product. We knew we were going to keep on building great products but it wasn’t the way to allocate the dollars at that point. So as a team we looked at what was the priority at the moment and devoted our attention to that.