Jacob focuses on investments in the Emerging Platforms sector which includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality. He believes there will be an unprecedented increase in the utility and functionality of the camera with applications built “on top of” the camera and powered by AI and advanced computer vision to place digital objects and experiences into our physical world. Jacob manages the Shasta Camera Fund, a dedicated pre-seed targeted fund that backs visionaries developing products in AR/VR and camera-first Computer Vision applications. Jacob led the firm’s investments and currently serves on the Boards of Camera IQ and Unblockable.

Jacob has been a gamechanger for Fable Studio. I’ve not met anyone as diligent, and intensely focused on the startups he supports. He feels like family.
– Edward Saatchi, CEO Fable Studio

An active community organizer, Jacob runs VR Tuesdays and AR Kitchen Office Hours – monthly Bay area meetups focused on the business side of AR/VR & Mixed Reality. He was recently named a Kauffman Fellow, selected as one of the top tier investors for the two-year elite leadership program.

“Jacob has been a supporter since before day 0, and I love what he’s building out with the Shasta Camera Fund portfolio. New camera startups should make Jacob your first call.” – Matt Miesnieks, CEO, 6D.ai

Prior to Shasta, Jacob held a variety of positions in the startup ecosystem, including roles at VentureBeat and Microsoft. He is the Founder of Exitround.com, a software-powered platform for start-up tech mergers and acquisitions. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Yale University.

Shasta Ventures launches a fund to accelerate AR and VR app development

Shasta Ventures launches an AR fund