Jason invests across a range of sectors including consumer and enterprise. A company builder who played an integral role in the development of one of today’s largest online businesses, Jason acts as a thought partner, advocate, and counselor to entrepreneurs looking to take their companies from initial proof of product-market fit to industry dominance.

Jason’s background as an operator at walmart.com was very useful to our business. He gave us insight into the behavior and psyche of IT executives that other VCs do not have. He also brought with him connections to other potential customers.
—Jayaram Bhat, Founding CEO, Zenprise

As a partner at Shasta, Jason is an active investor in consumer, cloud computing, SaaS and open source software. Prior to joining Shasta in 2005, Jason was Vice President, Strategy, and Operations at venture-backed walmart.com, where he took the online retailer from zero to large-scale revenue in five years. His experience growing that business into one of largest retailers online informs his understanding of how to thoughtfully scale fast-growing businesses, as well as how to use software to improve operations. Previously, Jason worked as an investment banker to venture-backed companies at Alex.Brown.

Jason earned an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BS in Finance from the University of Maryland. He is an avid scuba diver and a passionate supporter of shark conservation.

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