Michael is a passionate advocate for the use of technology in the Business Cloud with a proven track record of building B2B SaaS companies. He was a founding executive of Google Cloud building that business from its infancy to its first $1B in ARR and making it the fourth-largest SaaS company in the world. He has run large sales organizations at IBM, Oracle, Google and smaller startups at Virage, Hearsay Systems and Aviso.

He has broad and deep experience in all Go-To-Market functions and serves as a coach and advisor to founders and executive teams of companies seeking rapid growth.

He has delivered hundreds of industry presentations, speeches, and keynotes on the topics of the business cloud, mobile computing, and artificial intelligence.

The B2B Saas Cloud is almost 20 years old. Selling and marketing SaaS products is a craft, but a progressively maturing craft. There are increasingly well-understood processes that structure the problem allowing faster speeds, better consistency, and higher repeatability. I look forward to using my experience to help Shasta companies master the go-to-market craft, more quickly find product-market fit and exponential growth.”