Phil is a Silicon Valley veteran, with more than 35 years of experience building and leading breakout technology companies. Phil co-founded Marketo in 2006 and led the company as Chairman and CEO for a decade, overseeing its successful IPO and acquisition by Vista Equity Partners. Prior to Marketo, Phil served as president and COO of Epiphany, an enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) software company.

Phil is one of the greatest potential advisors to entrepreneurs who are looking to build and grow software-as-a-service companies. I’m thrilled he’s on board to help us coach software entrepreneurs as they build extraordinary companies.
—Doug Pepper, Managing Director

Phil holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Stanford University and sits on the boards of PTC (Nasdaq: PTC) and several growth stage private companies in Silicon Valley and New York City.

As a Venture Partner, Phil works closely with entrepreneurs in Shasta’s portfolio as they scale their companies and address critical growth decisions.

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