Rachel’s passion for business lies at the intersection of products and people. She’s spent her career working with consumer businesses – most recently on the Corporate Strategy team at Nordstrom. Before that, she received an “education” in business as a consultant with McKinsey & Co., with a focus on consumer brands, retailers, supply chain, and manufacturing.

Rachel delights in working with entrepreneurs and hearing about new businesses. Before moving to San Francisco, she was an active volunteer with Ventures, a Seattle-based organization that helps low-income entrepreneurs build their businesses. She was also a part of the team that launched SparkTruck, a non-profit organization that brought design-thinking curriculum to students across the country via a mobile classroom.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Rachel holds a B.S. degree Engineering. She double majored in Manufacturing and Design, Psychology.  As president of Consultants Advising Student Enterprises, she helped student groups and local businesses expand their reach and impact. She is a frequent speaker on design thinking /human-centered design and has given talks at TED events, the Aspen Institute and Autodesk University.

Rachel grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, a place that has given her a deep appreciation for the entrepreneurial journey. Given her interests in the consumer space and her prior work experiences, it should come as no surprise that Rachel is an avid online shopper and loves discovering new brands and products.